Anita Giraldo

She Has Neither (2019)
letterpress from polymer plate (Edition: 10)
18 x 13 in. | $280

78 Cents, 2019, 2020
RISO print (edition 15)
10 x 10 in. | $280

I became interested in multi-media projects when I began experimenting with the union of art and technology in my work. I combine design, typography, photography, sound and sensor media and print methods to create immersive environment installations and works on paper. I move between the media that best express my ideas.

Two of my sound and image installations, “See My Voice” and “Steel Ice & Stone” are large, site-specific pieces that address intimate interpersonal communication in the wake of electronic devices. Another, “Project/Synapse,” is in its finishing stages and compares a woman’s erosion of her youth with the deterioration of the obsolete manufacturing environment throughout the American Landscape. Parts of this work are being exhibited at the Fort Worth Community Art Center at an exhibition opening January 10, 2020. “Finding the Sky,” under development, continues the exploration between people and technology.

“Democracy Spoken Here” is series of limited-edition prints using typeset phrases of American historical significance rendered in a variety of media: metal and woodcut letterpress, silkscreen, among other methods. It is an aesthetic response to a political challenge; how an expression of historical import can be rendered more visible by expressing it typographically. Phrases from the democratic American discourse throughout United States history are designed using the typeface Clarendon, and only two colors: red and black. Ultimately, it is a response to a period of political turbulence.

A central preoccupation of my work is to examine what is often overlooked or unnoticed, either in the past or the present. I hope that my work provides people with an opportunity to look anew at something they may have missed, or remember something long forgotten. My work aims to awaken memories and reconnect with a more nuanced understanding of one’s surroundings.

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