Amy G. Bernard

Feminist Tea
stoneware, found handles, underglazes, luster glazes, porcelain eggs
cup: 3 x 4 x 4 in. | tray: 12 in. | teapot: 5 x 4 x 4 in.

My life began in 1976, with my parents and two amazing sets of grandparents. My grandmothers were instrumental in my upbringing, and shaped the woman I am today. My Grammy Moore was silly, fun, and nurturing, my Granny Gutter was daring, a feminist, and vocal.

My Granny Gutter lived in Philadelphia, and we had a special bond, a very honest and open relationship where I felt like I could tell her anything about the struggles of growing up, becoming a young woman, relationships, friendships, anything. In turn, she was never shy about telling me what she missed out on when she was my age. She lamented not being able to pursue a career after finishing college, because she was expected to get married, run a household and raise children.

This tea set is for my grandmothers, created in their memory, and for every other woman who dreamed of a career and life beyond making a nice life for others. The women who had to polish silver, wash their china, and wax their linoleum floors, instead of living the life they desired. Because of women like them, women like me can live their whole truth and manifest the lives we covet, with no regrets. My grandmothers’ sacrifices help me understand how important it is to live my life fully and authentically, with a purpose.

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