Alma Shoaf

Pull (2018)
acrylic, pencil, watercolor, ink
11 x 11 in

My art is something that I believe teaches me more about myself and about life than I can ever inform on it. My primary goal in working with a visual language has been to express how I believe different mythologies of gender, sexuality, and morality have lead us all, as both individuals and as a collective society, into these varying states of grief, violence and depression we so often find ourselves in.

I have been utilizing a very destructive process of making for some time now. This method of drawing, covering, erasing and redrawing is in itself telling a story of creation, destruction, and what comes out from in-between. Its purpose is to renew and rethink the making process, as well as to remember that nothing ever made is so precious that it cannot be destroyed, nor so rare that it cannot be remade. This sentiment best describes my experience with the human condition.

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