Allie Shyer

Hair Dream
Digital, print editions; Dimensions Variable

The project Notes on Young is an exploration of poetry in digital space, existing as a part of daily life and communication in the digital realm. It also functions as an interruption to the ways we engage with social media. Notes on Young exists in screen shots and glimpses. Bitingly feminine and bluntly sexual, the constraints of the digital attention span do not allow for mincing words. Notes on Young comes from a desire to strip my poetic impulse to its bones and attempt to reincarnate it as something sinewy and vulnerable enough to survive within the landscape of the internet, while defamiliarizing and recontextualizing the platforms it comes into contact with.

My work focuses on text-based forms of communication on the internet and the intersections of femininity and disability in digital communication, as well as the ways in which technology shapes our thought processes and the experience of selfhood.

I am an artist, writer and organizer living in Chicago IL. I co-curate Her Environment, a bi-monthly show of new media art created by feminine spectrum artists, with Chelsea Welch, who has been shown and read widely in both Chicago and her hometown of New York.