Alison Williams

Mother Warrior

Mother Warrior – a short video in which the artist uses herself as a mother and a “warrior” to show her ongoing affiliation and sympathy for women and mothers that are trapped in war environments. men create wars, governments create wars… civilians are dragged into it. i watch with revulsion as innocent lives are lost on a daily basis for the sake of vanity, ego and greed. mothers are to me the pinnacle of bravery in their struggle, not only to survive but to survive the loss of their soldier sons and daughters, and protect and nurture their children in a time of conflict. the use of red as the colour of blood but also the colour of memory, of the present being imprinted behind the eyes, the memory of loss and pain, and although impotent in their watchfullness… the world is healed and held safely for a moment in a mothers’ eyes.

© Alison Williams