Alex Peyton-Levine

Firewood, 2016
acrylic paint and lace on wood – 77 x 16 in.

A person’s emotional state can at times be powerfully supported and enhanced by the body’s physical engagement with active thinking, such as when a person’s thoughts of determination and empowerment may be matched by their body’s physical response in elevated energy levels or confident posture.

I seek to explore this spectrum of experiences with a focus on the mind-body relationship, in order to better understand how we physically respond to emotions, language, images, and other people. By using color and light as a metaphor for thought, and structure and surface as a metaphor for the body, I aim for my works to create a visual means for reflecting on the complicated nature of our beings. I hope that these visual representations can serve to activate the viewer’s curiosity about the liaisons between their own mind and body.