Alessandra Gilioli

Benevolent Planetary Beings are a powerful archetype of mine. They embody the human experience from a far 'birds eye view from space'. With our growing global community it becomes more apparent to me, that we are one human family, national and race identity no longer holds divisive meaning. We are one. Also as science shows more and more how our very own atoms reflect the rotational dance of the planets.. so we are a microcosm holograph of the macrocosmic universe.

'Fairy Tea Pot'
This Fairy holds an uncanny resemblance to my 'little' sister who is pregnant for the first time. Although this will be her first child, she already has been a 'mom' for at least 7 years as she has given dedicated services to a house of Developmentally Disabled adult women. This Fairy, like her, is holding in offering the vine of water; life, sustenance. Her wings may be broken, but that is just a testament of the trials of life. Her eyes are closed as she need not see; she already is all knowing.

'Blu's Treehouse'
As a child I was always mindful of the fairies, even if they never showed themselves to me, I knew they were there, just shy, you see. So out at play, in the vast countryside I would tirelessly construct mud houses, tree houses and little flower shrines to the wee folk. At home, since my mother did not allow mud and twig houses by my bedside I would make houses out of shoe boxes, drawing the furniture on the wall.
This house is Blu's house. He is fairy friend I am yet to see, but want to make him comfortable. After a strong storm I went for a walk and collected Eucalyptus tree bark that had fallen, moss, dried leaves and dried flowers that where perfect door knobs. I made terra cotta tiles, for the interior, a door with palm tree 'bark' and a little cot suspended on the interior. Above the cozy home space is a gazebo for entertaining guests.

General Statement:
I grew up in Bracciano, Italy where I would stare and sketch at a one thousand year old Castello Odescalchi castle, and swim in a small volcanic lake with heavy black sand. Our house was far away in the country where there were no other children, but a forest full of mystery. It was there that I became a master tree climber.
The school I attended as international, and as such I came across people from over 65 different countries. After travelling throughout Europe, I landed in the land of opportunity, where I continued to work with children and adults with Developmental Disabilities.

It is only very recently that I started to give voice to my artistic passion. My themes in art have been the exploration of our multidimensional nature. Humans are gifted, we can communicate on the emotional level, mental level, professional etc. There is so much to us, that is not acknowledged in our current civilization.

We are living through a barage of consumerism, confusion, and garbage, but amidst this I see the emergence of the all Natural, the all knowing; the Goddess.

© Alessandra Gilioli