Adriana Baltazar

No sirves ni para el perro – acrylic, color pencil
Church Women – spray paint, acrylic, color pencil

Adriana Baltazar received her B.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2004. Currently, she is pursuing an M.A. in Education from Roosevelt University.

Her work has appeared in various group exhibitions in Chicago at Woman Made Gallery, Antena Gallery, Villarte Gallery, Polvo Gallery, Estudio Tres, the National Museum of Mexican Art, and the Meztli Gallery. Recent group exhibitions have focused on the current immigration debate and the traditional Día de los Muertos. Baltazar is a recipient of a grant from the Community Arts Assistance Program.

As a painter and photographer, Baltazar incorporates various materials in her works, including digital photography, spray paint, and irregularly-shaped canvases. Her work is often inspired by people she knows and the Chicago communities of Pilsen and Little Village. Her portraits depict the artist’s grandmother, shop owners, teenagers participating in a writing workshop, and women at church services. Baltazar writes, “My desire to explore is manifested in the various forms and materials I use to create. The process and experimentation with materials and concepts are integral to the work I produce and my drive to persist.”

© Adriana Baltazar