Zana Mariño

Reaching Out
color pencil, ink on paper
9 × 9 in.

My name is Zana Marino, I am an American artist, of African American and Mexican descent, creating illustrations, paintings, and mural work on intersectional identity and sexuality through the lens of an anthropomorphic vagina named Pink.

Touch is the one sense that we cannot live without and the first sense developed when we are in utero. Everyone on the planet receives tactile information about the world and depends on it to navigate their environment and express themselves. However, extended or forced sensory deprivation can result in extreme anxiety, hallucinations, bizarre thoughts, and depression. Current events have challenged us to deal with what we have and while some us are sheltering in place with others, many are in self isolation. Suddenly many of us crave the touch so many of us take for granted including but not limited to…hugs, high fives, and sex. These pieces reflect touch starvation fantasies.

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© Zana Mariño