Yeachin Tsai

Face Series- A Baby’s Face
lithography on paper (edition of 12)
5 x 11 in.

‘Face In the Water- For Those Who Are in Our Mind-Stream’ is a new on-going lithography series I have been doing starting this year. They are inspired from people’s faces from TV, from newspaper, from the media, on the streets in all races, all ages and all occupations. They are not exact portraits of anyone. Instead, they are the recollection of the people imprinted in my memory. Sometimes it almost feels very shocking to watch when the faces emerge from the paper this face is saying something to me. It has a feeling. They each have an undeniable expression of their own. They are alive, and much of the time, suffering.

They are done first on paper in watercolor, then transferred onto lithography plates, and printed by hand. The water-streak texture was created on purpose to evoke the symbolic meaning of the water- for those who are in our mind-streams, those we can never really forget.

© Yeachin Tsai