Wendy Kveck

oil on paper
32 x 24 in.

My work examines my interest in contemporary visual culture as both a reflection of and a power over our collective psyches. It explores the notion that mediated images of glamour, celebrity, sex and violence simultaneously mask, mirror and create society’s desires, anxieties and fears.

The barrage of images and language on a daily basis both pacifies and excites, seeping into our subconscious minds until we are unsure of what is fact and what is fantasy, what is truly felt and what is manipulated, what is feared and what is loved. While some of these paintings are inspired by candid images of actual events, others are staged fictions of the same female rituals.

My female figures reflect and reject the ideals of digitally manipulated beauty, the seduction / sedation of suburbia and the detached passions of a consumer cyber-world. Through the medium of painting, I attempt to process both the physical and the psychic within the surrounding imagery of my own life and the lives I observe through mediated filters.

© Wendy Kveck