Tami Dollase

10 x 8 in.

“The night after my mom’s death, I woke up to one of those jarring, middle-of-the-night, ‘whew, that was just a dream’ thoughts, immediately followed by the realization that actually, this is real. She’s gone.

There were more moments like that to come and, it’s where my mind floated to three days later, as I drove behind the hearse that carried my mom to her final place. As I turned the corner, I noticed Maya Angelou’s voice beaming through the car speakers, reciting part of Sympathy by Paul Laurence Dunbar. It felt so uncanny, like the ultimate synchronicity, like my mom had orchestrated Maya’s presence (from an old Terry Gross recording) – not only to remind me of my mom’s deepest struggle within herself – but also to remind me that I wasn’t alone.

I pushed play and started filming, so that if I need proof of this moment ever again, I have it.”

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