Tamara Diaz

Descanse En Paz Abuelita (Rest In Peace Abuela) (2020)
8 x 11 in.

“My name is Tamara Diaz and I’m a visual artist and social worker working with children and families at homes, office, tele health and a school. Loss and grief touch many people’s lives including mine. My work explores different losses, such as death and divorce.
During this pandemic, many people were not able to see loved ones in nursing homes and I was not able to talk to my best friend who is my Abuela. Abuela came from Cuba in 1962 and had a good life. In Hospice I was able to have two visits and was with her the day she passed two weeks ago. Now she is visiting me like an angel! I feel so lucky that I was able to see her, help her pass and be with my family for a wake (the first one they had allowed due to Covid).

Everyone grieves differently and painting and photography as well as music and yoga help me to channel emotions in moments of grief. Most of the time, these feelings are so raw and not easy to share however art helps me release these emotions and recognize them sometimes before even I consciously know the narrative.”

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