Susan Lehman

All That Remains (2017)
acrylic collage on canvas
36 x 36 in.

“I come from a family of collectors. Builders and collectors, makers and re-makers of wondrous and inventive things. I knew both my grandfathers and two of my great grandfathers. My favorite places were my grandfathers’ workrooms,barns, tool sheds, and other old buildings full of interesting contraptions. As children my sisters and I would love visiting one grandfather in particular because he would load up his ancient blue pickup truck and take us to the dump where we could scrounge through the incredible treasures there.

My grandmothers wove rag rugs, sewed, embroidered, knitted, cooked, baked, and canned. My mother did everything with very little, having learned from going through the depression.

Those early experiences affect my sense of suitable recycled and repurposed collage materials.Home to me is family history and how we carry it forward with us.”

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© Susan E. Lehman