Sena Kwon

Dragon lives under the mountains
graphite drawing, digital
10.5 x 20 in.

I am originally from South Korea, have been developing my own appreciation of various cultures after living in multiple countries including Japan, Canada, Australia since I was a child. This journey led me to become a narrative illustrator. My works intend to be feminine, curvy, sensual, and tranquil melted in storytelling with celebration of feminism. I communicate through detailed line drawings that accentuate both the cultural specificity and universality of myths and religious parables, especially goddess.

I enjoy drawing women, a marching group of women, a woman’s voice can hit the surface like a firm wave, but when it comes to a group, it becomes like a big force that people can’t avoid but to listen. I would like my works to keep bringing newer and stronger feminist voices to challenge the conservative hierarchy found in Asian society. I hope that my drawings serve as a vessel and medium for gender equality.

© Sena Kwon