Sekana Radović

Award: Third Prize

Dance of the Symbols (1999)
mixed media on fabric
55.25 x 49 in.

For the past twenty-five+ years, Sekana Radović has been developing a series of paintings delving into the subject matters of woman, mother, and family, as well as to the firm and unchangeable values of the spirit that are out of reach to physical sight and are only expressible via a language of symbols.

Sekana Radović is an artist living and working in Chicago, Illinois. She is a member of the Applied Art Association of Montenegro, as well as the International Federation of Artists and Nationals Artists Union of Russia. Radović has exhibited nationally and internationally throughout Europe and the Middle East. She has had numerous solo and group shows, including a retrospective at the Center for Modern Art in Podgorica, Montenegro. She has been featured in publications such as the Chicago Tribune and the Polish magazine Polonia, and on various European radio and television shows. In addition to her studio practice, Radović provides private art tutorship part-time. (IL)

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