Sarah E. Rehmer

Between the Lines
collaged paper, acrylic, encaustic and oil

My work is made up of fragments of memory that are built up; pieces of a former whole, rearranged and layered together to make a new.

The action of writing on a page leaves a mark, or scar, on the universe. Even if it is erased, it is never totally gone. It may change forms, but like any other memory left behind, it never totally goes away. Material deteriorates, paper yellows, an image fades into a puff of smoke into the sky… to become some other memory in some other place. These pages from old books, some of which are so fragile it takes all the will in the universe to not have them crumble in my hands, they need something structural, because inherently they are on the verge of total ruin.

© Sarah E. Rehmer