Sam Kirk

Come to the opening reception, meet Sam Kirk and participate in live art-making!

On Exhibition:
We keep showing up for America. When is America going to show up for us? 
mixed media on canvas
51 x 51 in.

30 Limited Edition Prints for Sale at the Opening Reception on February 22 6-8 pm:
We shall continue to pave the path
giclee print
12 x 16 in.
$65 each, signed and numbered by the Artist

My work is about creating human connections. Sharing stories of our journeys to spark dialogue between cultures, generations and communities. I seek to use art to challenge social injustices and create interactions that will empower us to celebrate each other and build unity. This piece is about where we have been and where we are going. It pays tribute to women of color and the fact that they were the majority of the Black Panther Party and still remain to be the majority of our socio-political resistance in current movements around equality. The background includes a snapshot of activists from the 1960’s paired with contemporary activists that are pushing us into the future.