Robyn Desposito

No One Cares
digital Iris pint
24 x 18 in.

Psychology and the challenge of sincerely expressing emotions have always fueled my work. My series, Anger Management, is based on the uncontrollability of rage and the cycle of provocation and reaction that perpetuates throughout the outward expression of anger. I focus on women, most of whom have been taught to control and suppress their emotional anguish, and encourage them to explore what they feel helpless or frustrated about.

In this age of disillusionment I feel it necessary to raise my voice and the voices of other women. Influenced by war-time propaganda posters, and art movements such as Dada and Russian Constructivism, I’ve broadened Anger Management into the political realm with my own propaganda pieces. Statements directed toward the viewer are paired with visual imagery that express the revulsion, alienation, helplessness, shame and distrust at a government controlled by the religious right which wages a war against anything it deems immoral, and spreads itself so thin in a losing war abroad while ignoring the needs of its own people at home. These pieces can be taken seriously or seen as a cynical tongue-in-cheek commentary about our society.

With a 93% male government deciding the future of a 51% female population, I believe it is vital for women to speak out and be heard. By presenting their emotions in these contexts, I feel there is more room for interpretation and introspection while exploring and upsetting cultural ideals of women.

© Robyn Desposito