Robin Adsit

Underbelly (2020)
watercolor on paper
60 x 40 in.

My mixed-media paintings on paper and wood look at human bodies as archives, with a focus on body language as a signifier of class, power, culture, longing, and absence. I make paintings to navigate the expression of desire and loss. My interests lie in how we navigate and interpret objects, memory, materials, and space. I explore how this can define the body with an emphasis on the representation of the body as a site of subtle slippage, disruption, and/or dislocation—an intended slippage between observation and illusion.

I am drawn to topics involving the limitations and dissonance between the body, its representation, and the mediated image. I am interested in the power relationship between simple body gestures that can suggest interior (private) and exterior (public) spaces. I also think these simple gestures can speak to ideas of the self and the other. Fundamentally, my work is getting at questions of how we can read and interpret the act of representation critically in order to consider how it may or may not function as a form of “authenticity” and “truth.”

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