Anne Adams

Codependency (2020)
glazed clay
23 x 21 x 3.5 in.

I use the traditional techniques of coil to create edges and silhouette to establish forms, which in turn develop rhythmic families of shapes. Employing the coil technique in my works allows a freedom of artistic expression without restrictions because there are endless possibilities of where the coil will lead.

Building forms intuitively one at a time allows a potential for disruption and flexibility of original ideas. I have developed a unique style that consists of strong geometric elements and employs recurrent patterns, architectural design principles, and traditional motifs. This creates a sense of involvement by the viewer due to the core integration of lines. My works also tell rich, forgotten stories from Nigerian history as I highlight the culture and traditions of the Precolonial era. Working with tactile clay allows me to experience objects and ideas intimately. Material and process are central to my ceramic practice, as I make things that engage myself, my surroundings, and other people.

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