Penny Mateer

Fight The Power! #15 Protest Series
(A Collaboration with Martha Wasik)
fabric, thread
58 x 77 in.

I am inspired by the use of pattern in quilting and the decorative needle arts that honor the tradition of stitching often thought of as “women’s work.” Drawing from this rich and shared history of creating functional objects intended to provide warmth and comfort, I pay homage to women before me. Through the manipulation of pattern, color and texture using a universal material, I create a safe space to challenge long held political beliefs and assumptions. Moving from appliqué to collage I began to make a hand-cut newspaper collage as a daily practice. Over time I’ve developed an approach to merging multiple images that tell the story of a daily news cycle. I am greatly concerned that the impact of photojournalism is diminished with the ongoing shift of news consumption from holding the newspaper to viewing a screen. So, I am compelled to reimagine the extraordinary work of photojournalists and confront the viewer with an image that cannot be avoided with just one click.

© Penny Mateer