Michael Springer

Frida 7. 9/2002
printed canvas, painted wood box with electric light inside
52 x 32 x 5 in.

In 1992, for my 50th birthday I got a present; little pocket book with works by the (for me) yet Unknown artist Frida Kahlo. She caught my heart. A symbol of one braking boundaries and limitation. I am a Male who had pretty hard experiences being squeezed by boundaries. Being Gay, I have devoted much of my life to becoming free, creative happy and giving. Was so inspired by this woman and her ques, that years later, after mastering Photoshop well enough to produce images on Canvas; first in Black and White; Female members of my family who perished in the Holocaust – Just happen to find some in the attic. Than, as art work for Restaurant I have designed named “Havanna” – looked into that Pocket art Book for Strength, Latino inspiration of Kahlo; Created light boxes, pieces of art with Ms. Kahlo in mind. packed some cloths packed my Kahlo prints, my dog named Kutielle and landed in NYC. I came with enthusiasm and worried about my timing for introduction, When I found she has captured people’s interest anew. In creativity you are never alone and the right time is in the air.

I am an Architect, artist, Lighting designer, Technician and have created Lamps as Art pieces since childhood. Well, this is the direction I took; Creating three dimensioned looks of a certain woman with determination and achievements – LOOKING from behind curtain or fence or wall. There IS a wall and it is your right and now your turn, to cross it. Come in Come close Come free.

© Michael Springer