Meridith McNeal

Wedding Purse and Wedding Gloves
vintage sheet music, thread

I am an intention based or content driven artist. I use a wide variety of mediums from artists’ books to paintings and sculpture; often employing less traditional materials including thread, maps and vintage paper ephemera. My work has strong roots in domestic, sewn, decorative and feminine traditions. My work explores the cultural, physical and social history of a place or individuals. It is intrinsically bound up in the ideas of memory and history — paintings in century old social registers, sculpture made from or paintings on antique paper, iconic objects (portraiture of sorts) made from vintage maps.

’Mothers Wedding Gloves and Purse’ are life sized paper pieces made from vintage sheet music and thread. I made them to accompany “His Mother’s Wedding Dress,’ a life sized portrait of Edward Hoppers mothers wedding dress. The work was created for ‘She Must Have Looked Lovely In That Dress’ my exhibition at Hopper’s childhood home in 2005.

© Meridith McNeal