Melanie Deal

Pezcatarian (2011)
mixed media (paper, book cutouts, beads)
16 x 16 in. | $210

Remember when you were a child, creating artworks by cutting and pasting? Well, that’s what I do as an adult, and it’s just as fun and satisfying as it was when I was in kindergarten.

I’m fascinated by grids, tessellations, and repeated shapes. I reinforce this repetition through colors and materials. Because patterns tend to be orderly and predictable, I like to add unexpected elements for humorous or ironic effect.

My work is influenced by a lifelong love of comic books, paper dolls, gumball-machine trinkets, board games, television, literature, and music. I use various types of paper, “found” objects, and everyday items. I often include photocopies to add to the sense of repetition. My only agenda is to express my perspective on topics that interest or amuse me. Sometimes the topic is simply color and pattern.

© Melanie Deal