Maura Falfan

The Bride (2012)
acrylic on paper
23 x 23 in.

My overall vision is to create a post-utopian-abstraction and advance abstract painting to a contemporary -yet personal- stance, where the fragility of the medium and its necessity are put forth as its function. Initially trained as a photographer, my interest in the concept of the vestige, as a sign referring to what no longer exists, has been central to my artistic research. The idea of the ineffable and its possibility of manifestation through painting has become my center of inquiry and process.

For the past seven years, I have created what I understand as interior-landscapes: visually abstract images of dark and monochromatic fields that accentuate the sensual and layered aspects of painting combined with the documentary qualities of the photographic. I am assuming painting as a struggling medium; one that refuses to die due to its sustained power to seduce the viewer.

© Maura Falfan