Mary Mills-Pester

Which One Is the Child
pen and ink on paper
11 x 8 in.

My current drawings are a journey through different conscience and subconscious views of others and myself. They are visuals of the “filters” an image passes through when I engage my thoughts and emotions towards them.

Much like the filter I put in the furnace; some of what is drawn is pure, however I believe most of what is committed to paper is judgmental upon my part. I am striving for progress not perfection, so I am trying to understand this character defect I have through these drawings.

The images in my work are subjective views from the mundane to the tragic. They are about the universal themes of love, anger, joy, violence, hope, humor and compassion; those emotions that drive us all.

My linear style is achieved with my right and left hands. My right hand tends to stylize the line. My less dominate hand, the left brings forth a more emotional, jagged, realistic image. As many artists do, I often do not look at the paper while drawing.

© Mary Mills-Pester