Mary Bates Neubauer

Red Drape
archival inkjet print
30 x 24 in.

I am intrigued by the streams of numbers and data concerning our environment that various recording instruments are constantly collecting. My work involves visual translation and three-dimensional display of numerical data streams using
conceptually sophisticated surfaces containing embedded information as texture. These complex numbers serve as a permanent recording of urban, global, and cosmic function. My work entails exporting statistics from public sources and  graphing them as vector files. The translated data is digitally produced as large-scale sculpture, 3D models, photographs, and animations. The enclosed digital images, derived from sunspot cycles and factors of solar wind, are 3D
machinable models, which can be manipulated in virtual space. This work has information-bearing surfaces containing the embedded numbers, enabling viewers to see scientific and mathematical data in a purely visual way. Some of the artworks created thus far have resulted in strikingly beautiful forms, often resembling patterns in nature. I anticipate that my continuing effort to develop an original, aesthetically driven method to visualize and display heretofore hidden, but numerically available information will help aid in a public understanding of the complex and organic nature of large natural and human systems.

© Mary Bates Neubauer