Manuel Guerra

Mexican Postcards para Todas las Cafeteras #3
ballpoint pen on tortilla de maiz
16 x 12 in.

Si la Mana de Dios
mixed media on world map
68 x 49 in.

What we call “locura” is Manuel Guerra’s unique way of taking aim at the folly of mankind. Born and raised in El Paso, Manuel is a contemporary artist who mixes memory and Meso-American mythology to produce exquisite traditional renderings of hilarious caricatures and lampoons in which the outcome is usually bizarre and-or-violent. In wide-ranging size and narrative, they strongly point out the hypocrisy, foolishness, moral and ethical transgressions observed in the human fraternity of life in a predominantly Mexican-American ghetto. “The majority of artists are dedicated people who tend to take themselves too seriously to consider combining humor and “fine art.” To balance that however, we must remember that humor is a vital part of life, communication and survival.”

© Manuel Guerra