Louise Glass

Bindings II
latex, wax, wool, felt, cloth, linen

Bindings III
felt, latex, sponge, paper pulp, wax, string
13 x 40 x 2 in.

When years ago I began to ask questions about the dominance of vision in my field and to perform operations on basic form ideas in art it was the same as to undermine it and its root and to arrive at a condition of anarchy – ‘formlessness’. But it seemed to me that this condition, has been prejudged from the start not only because art, in its one-sided dependance upon vision, derives its aesthetic basis from form but because this predisposition in art was the result of a predisposition in the larger cultural background.

My work begins where this imperative ends. Proceeding without aplogy for matter or redemptive aim, it has attempted to stay close to what is most basic to its imagination – its ‘baseness’ – those qualities which allow it to remain just below the threshold of formal intelligibility and therefore true to itself. Accordingly I have sought to work with materials that skirt the boundaries of traditional usage, thieving whenever possible from other fields in search of materials that could, through nontraditional use, continue to self relate and so never, by means of either formal manipulation or objective play, depart from their inceptive ground.

© Louise Glass