Lori Hess

Lidded Shino and Josh Green Jar
porcelain-stoneware blend, glaze, and wood ash

Farmer’s Pitcher
stoneware, glaze

stoneware with ochre, shino glaze, wood ash

As an artist, it is the basic elements of the art of ceramics: earth, water, air and fire that are my purest inspiration, and what brought me to clay. I am also inspired by the intersection of art and function in everyday objects, design, architecture, forms, and patterns found in nature.

I love clay for its sensitivity and responsiveness to the human touch, and the endless opportunity to experiment with form, surface decoration, and the firing process. My work celebrates the union of friends and family in a communal way; enhancing the daily ritual of eating, drinking, and living by making it beautiful, peaceful, and a shared experience with my handmade pottery.

© Lori Hess