Lisa Tubach

Even the Sky is Bleeding (Cactus Pear)
oil on canvas
44 x 54 in.

My paintings are a blend of personal narrative and commentary on larger issues of conflict and ill within our world. At the core, the work provides a balance between beauty and threat, and deals with a number of conceptual and formal contrasts. Through map fragments, organic forms, food, text and pattern, the paintings reflect my zeal for environmentalism, global issues and language.

I have long been interested in the relativity of meaning, and through many of the contrasting forces in the work, my intent is to provide a commentary on the fragility of our balance as well as the density or deluge of life’s influences. Ultimately, the painting’s subjects are paired for purposeful contrasts and intend to suggest an ever-present interconnectedness of experience.

The balance between beauty and threat is essential to the work. Threatening elements take the shape of carnivorous plants, map fragments of conflicted or environmentally damaged areas, poisonous flowers and other objects. While my work is rather cryptically-oriented in its message, increasingly I feel the need to address these great threats of our world. In the end, I consider my work objects of willed change.

© Lisa Tubach