Lisa Barcy

Memento Mori, Roadside Edition
collage in relief, with sewing patterns and found images, on Masonite
18 x 24 in.

I work in a variety of media, but several years ago, I spontaneously began creating collages with the remnants of materials I also used for stop-motion animation. As these new works took precedence in my practice, they developed into loose, dreamy narratives and imagined figures.

In these works, Soviet-era sewing patterns and miscellaneous images are combined to create absurdist, hybrid creatures that acknowledge the human urge to alter our surroundings simply because we can, while failing to question whether such meddling will have a larger impact on our environment.

These works are the product of much dissection and rebuilding. While I experience delight in making work that is both meticulous but humorous, I strive for a stream of conscious approach that acts as a respite from the often preconceived process of making animation. (IL)

© Lisa Barcy