Linda Durkee

With deep historical and religious roots, icons have signified the power of the divine for centuries of human experience. With time, iconic images have evolved from institutional context to the individual; from formal linkage to the sacred; from the intuitive leap to the sacred in the human being, as reflected in psychoanalytical disciplines and American transcendentalism. The Jungian grasp of the concepts of animus and anima, of universal archetypes, in the sea of the collective unconscious embodies this potent phenomenon.

The mixed-media collage I have submitted embraces this evolution as an iconic female image. It emerges from the wellspring of female archetypes at the core of human consciousness, as the title reflects: Protectress. The same title bespeak the feminine within us all, and signal the journey we encounter on the road to integration of the self.

Icons represent and evoke. I believe these three collages represent the action of the female’s archtypal journeying and evoke the energy for its accomplishment.

© Linda Durkee