Lin Shook of Perpetual Motion

Perceptual Motion 1-2-3

As part of “The Project”, Woman Made Gallery will be hosting a special dance performance on October 14, 2011 from 6 to 8 p.m. Created by Lin Shook of Perceptual Motion Dance, the performance will feature a structured dance improvisation based on The Luscher Color Test. Its principle is that accurate psychological information can be gained about people through their choices and rejections of colors. A 3-dancer-performance based on Luscher Color Test results will occur every 40 minutes.

About Lin Shook
”I began dancing at parties when I was in high school. When I was in college I was thrilled to be able to take dance classes to fulfill the required physical education credits. My modern dance teacher was fun and supportive and I absolutely loved it. When modern dance icon Eric Hawkins came for an intensive workshop the summer after I graduated, everything I had been interested in coalesced. I realized that dance was the perfect way for me to express my thoughts and ideas and to bring together my love of literature, visual arts and music. My choreography is influenced by my studies with Hanya Holm, Eric Hawkins, Liz Lerman and Alwin Nikolais and the practices of Tai Chi Chuan and yoga. In my choreography, I use each dancer’s unique talents as we create a landscape of movement, music/sound, color and images.”

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