Lauren Niimi

First Time Procedure
oil on canvas
5 x 8 in.

Transient Topography #2
oil on canvas
4 x 4 in.

oil on canvas
12 x 18 in.

Memory and the marking of time are the constant themes in this series. I challenge myself to shed light on how my own health-related experiences have affected my perceptions about the body (i.e. agility, permanence, longevity, immunity). The images in these paintings reference the marks left on my body after undergoing a recent ( second ) hip replacement. I relate these scars to geographical marks or topographical illustrations, that in many ways create a fictional place all their
own. I like the fact that many of these marks were only temporary, and have already faded or disappeared, which then allows the work to become the only permanent form of documentation. These works act as a personal sieve, preserving
and mapping (literally) my continual understanding of my body, its accomplishments, failures – its capabilities and limitations.

© Lauren Niimi