Laurel Izard

Queen of Swords (2018)
hand-embroidered cotton
6.25 x 3.75 in.

The imagery in my work is informed by the symbolism of the tarot and the mythic archetypes of nature. Archetypes, which embrace our ideas about human existence as both physical and spiritual beings, have always intrigued me. Rather than recreating the physical world my work tends to explore the playful territory of the imagination. Influences on my work include: alchemy, religious iconography, the tarot, medieval manuscripts and woodcuts, mythology, psychology, pulp science fiction, and comic books.

I have created original embroidered images for many of the major and minor arcana tarot cards with compositions that combine ancient, historical and contemporary images. What draws me to these archetypes is their open-endedness. This gives the viewer the opportunity to interpret these symbols according to his/her own journey through life. Working with humor allows me to depict things in a new way that is less judgmental and full of possibilities. Each hand-embroidered piece is quite small, yet takes me 3-6 weeks to complete, and is displayed in a shadow box, in order to create an intimate viewing experience.

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