Laura Phelps Rogers

Street View of Artificial
digital photograph on fine art paper
12 x 12 in. | $195

I work conceptually from social memory – teasing out cultural shifts, historical interpretations, environmental issues, popular culture, social paradigms, disappearing practices, generational connections, women’s work and the feminine experience.

The primary focus of concepts revolves around using memory to create experiences and recontextualize objects. What I refer to as experiential nostalgia. Viewers are invited into their own memories as means of interpretation.

Social engagement and escalating the scope of my conceptual and physical work to the monumental and public scale are a focus and I am intrigued with performance and impermanent materials. The use of ephemeral materials allows me to direct viewers to beauty and impermanence of life and our surroundings. Installation and multimedia approaches allow me to interpret ideas to larger than life. I work in a wide range of materials including steel, bronze, iron, wood, found objects, digital components, photography and light components.

© Laura Phelps Rogers