Kim Laurel

Big Sleepers #3 (2017)
monoprint and mixed media on Dura-Lar film (3 panels)
72 x 19 in. each panel

Thinking about big nature and time. The cicada is not bound to an annual cycle of reproduction within our natural world. The yearly appearance of the Dog Star Sirius signals the emergence of the (Neotibicen canicularis) “Dog-day” Cicada here in Illinois, with a 3 to 5 year cycle of reproduction. I had the opportunity to study this species and was amazed by its endearing nature, song and beauty. Our preoccupations with the “this year’s model” consumeristic mentality could take a lesson from the gentle cicada. So often we lack an awareness or direct application toward conservation and sustainability. Perhaps humanity is the big sleeper.

My personal work investigates symbolic forms and shapes. Primal experiences, nature and personal identity for example, so basic to our understanding of existence, are symbolized in this private world of animal, plant, kimono and kite icons. I utilize printmaking and collage as an extension of drawing and painting.

For me Art is about persistence, a life study and discipline. It is part of my life. If you pursue it a lot or a little at any one time makes no difference…just return to it again and again. Let the presence of touch back into your life and embrace the new with reference to all that you have learned.

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