Katie Hovencamp

Domestic Apron Series
fabric and ink
24 x 36 in.

“In my creative work, I fracture cultural constructs such as gender, beauty, and the body politic to expose, examine, and critique their social and historical assumptions. For some time fairy tales and fantasy have inspired my imagination and curiosity about their effects on women’s roles and the construction of their identities. I also create and infiltrate the spaces between the dyad and its effects on gender, perceived beauty, and the body politic.

Assuming the physical body a cultural material, I perform it in ways that offer seeing and thinking about its identity construction differently. Doing so, enables the viewer to experience and empathize with identity politics through my actions, objects, and drawings.

My process of making art emerges from complex and contradictory circumstances, materials, and objects, and their multiple encounters. My live performances and sculptural works often lead to the creation of supplementary drawings, installations, and videos, to constitute a complex body of work. My purpose in doing so is to explore and experiment with ways that various mediums can inform each other and from which new concepts can emerge. Working in this manner enables a perpetual state of alteration and transformation. At the intersections of these various mediums, I am able to create work that infiltrates and disrupts the cultural constructs of gender, beauty and the body politic found in fairy tales and fantasy.”

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