Katie Hargrave

Don’t Tread on me (Flags for plants)
Inkjet on Tyvek, brass hardware
36 x 24 in.

What does it mean to take something apart, to put it back together, and to share what you learned in the process? I am interested in systems as broad as politics, history, our built environment, and our learning systems. The act of exploring, deconstructing, and decoding these systems is political, if subtly. We all have power; we all own this world.

I make projects using a variety of forms — installations, publications, videos, and events — that encourage audiences to become participants in research and production as a way to explore their own experiences, their histories, their challenges. My work is responsive to environments, develops over time, and is co-created with participants as well as collaborators. Together, we can begin to realize that the construction of systems is made up of collective energy, and we might begin to ask: whose energy?

© Katie Hargrave