Kate Davis

Tangled (from the Altar Series)
collage and pencil on paper
6.5 x 4.5 in.

By using a variety of media, from cut paper, fabric, pencil, and multiple types of paint, I create layered 2 dimensional work that has a handmade, tactile quality. Since 2010, I’ve been exploring the ancient and modern notion of altar as it relates to women’s daily lives. To start my work, I asked 13 women of multiple faith backgrounds what they would place on a personal alter in their home if given the opportunity. The responses I got were varied and beautiful. From coffee grinds, jewelry, maps, basil plants, trash, and chicken feathers, I had a wealth of imagery to use. From these objects and images, some given to me and some described orally, I’ve made many paintings and drawings. Through this altar series, I link the mundane routines and moments we all live to something sacred and holy. I believe that no matter a woman’s culture or faith background, it is good and important work to transform our mundane routine living into sacred, holy moments. Feeding your cat every morning can be ritual. Keeping sea shells on your window sill is altar making. These activities should not be dismissed in our modern culture.