Joyce Owens

Cut It Out (2017)
acrylic on wood w/metals and beads
35.75 x 11 x 2.5 in.

“My work in ‘Dreaming Bigger in Strange Times’ are all constructions. The work utilizes found materials including wood, metals, beads, and other objects that I acquire and eventually  incorporate in my work. Usually optimistic, these works have a literal and metaphorical edge. As  you view them and read the titles, I hope you will make some conclusions of your own.”

A graduate of Yale University, MFA and Howard University, Joyce Owens has exhibited on four continents in Sweden, Belgium, Ethiopia and Liberia and Italy, among others, and across the USA in museums and galleries. She has won numerous awards and prizes including two international opens at WMG (jurors, Faith Ringgold and Margaret Hawkins judged.) Owens’ work is in private and public collections, most recently, The Blackstone Hotel in Chicago.

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