Jessica Wagner

The Renaissance of the Matriarchy (Feb/March 2020)
mixed media on canvas
60 x 36 in.

Throughout history we have looked to Goddesses, female saints and warriors for guidance in times of uncertainty, war and revolution. Across all cultures women have stood up for inequality, protected communities, healed the sick and gave strength to the poor. Many of their stories are untold, buried, and forgotten under the landscape of patriarchal control. My work honors their valor, light and resistance and urges for the “Renaissance of the Matriarchy.”

The quarantine has induced many emotions. We are all collectively experiencing grief. For some it’s loss of loved ones. For others it’s the loss of financial resources, but for all of us it’s loss of a way of life. Many of our familiar coping mechanisms in traumatic situations have been compromised. As we search for new ways to cope we become angry, fearful, confused. Now more than ever we need to look to Joan of Arc, Lozen, St. Agatha of Sicily, Boudicca, Artemisia I of Caria, Yaa Asantewaa, Erzulie, The Trung Sisters, Nakano Takeko, Zenobia, St. Margaret Of Antioch, Saint Frida Kahlo for their power, ancient wisdom, strength and light. Our warrior spirit will prevail. We were built for times like this.

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