Jessica Skultety

cotton fabric, thread
21 x 17 in.

I create quilts simply because I love the process. My art is inspired by bright, saturated colors and nature. As a prolific quilter under 30, I pay homage to past quilters by inventing modern versions of traditional quilt blocks. My work chiefly explores the interaction and movement of color through value and structured improvisational piecing. I create a plan and follow it loosely to create something unique. The quilting that holds the piece together is more than utilitarian; it allows for movement and accentuation of the design beneath. It is a challenge and joy to push the limits of quilting everything, no matter the size, on my home sewing machine.

Since 2016, some of my work has taken on a more activist focus. Quilts have a long history of political use. From using my “Hear Our Voice” quilt as a protest banner at the Women’s March on Washington, D.C. to donating my “Patriotically Resisting” quilt for fundraising to quilting my thoughts about the 2016 election, quilting has quickly become a way to use my own voice. Beyond my lectures, workshops, and fundraising activities, I am constantly seeking more opportunities to empower others and make the world a better, kinder place.

© Jessica Skultety