Jessica Poser

My work explores the intersections of archaeology and psychology. I am interested in mining architectural, archeological, and abandoned spaces as complex sites of unconscious projection. My work considers the physical and psychological process of burying, digging, uncovering, and discovering. I draw upon site plans of architectural ruins, archaeological sites, as well as the building facades from neighborhoods throughout the city of Chicago as the bases for my constructions.

I articulate these landscapes through various processes and my methods of construction are also ways for me to inhabit these spaces and make discoveries within them. I piece these landscapes together using methods of assembly, aggregation and absence as ways to manipulate different media including canvas, vinyl, fabric and foam. I cut, sew, glue, and fold the materials to layer, cover, uncover, obscure and bind.

I strive to open up architectural spaces as sites for exploration, observation and play. I would like the viewer to inhabit these spaces and make their own discoveries, project their own fantasies of ruin and neglect, envision their own relationship to spaces of absence, and to situate themselves in landscapes that are both unfamiliar and nostalgic.

© Jessica Poser