Jenny E. Balisle

clear braille on polymer
6 x 6 x.25 in.

Fascinated by flight or disorientation, I merge together disparate experiences to establish new narratives. Trump’s presidency has faced a Women’s March, the #MeToo movement, and a resistance uprising. The structures of gender objectification are interwoven into systemic and cultural discrimination. My artwork highlights that when women are heard, supported, and respected equality is a possibility. A record number of women were elected in the 2018 midterm elections locally and nationally. Women must lead the charge for change.

Lady Justice is a symbol of impartiality in our judicial system. Standing stoically with a scale in one hand and a sword in the other, she is blindfolded representing that power, status, or money has no influence. A standard braille sign becomes repurposed by altering its function. The art serves as a marker questioning how special interests have weakened the fundamental principles of democracy. Citizens must not blindly follow but question, organize, and demand the highest standards preserving truth and justice.

© Jenny E. Balisle