Jennifer Ghormley

Solitary Bath III
digital print on fabric, machine sewing
54 x 26 in.

This body of work is about space, used to elicit the feeling of physical ad psychological emptiness. Issues of the body are implied rather than highlighlighted. The figure evokes a sense of subtle tention through its neutral pose, gesture and expression. Using myself as the model implies a personal narrative that can be universally understood, I am a creative person trapped in my own creation. The light, soft pink and peachy colors re representative of the body, flesh ad skin. A grid pattern is comprised of lines of sewn colored thread, to distance the subject for the viewer at metaphorical and physical levels, and the fabric is a microscopic grid. This fracturing of the picture plane is fragmenting the image of the body. In doing so, I am experiencing the break down and reconstruction of the self, creating another layer of personal connection to each piece. By slowly building these pieces into forms, bringing them out into space, I am directing the viewer to consider their own body in space, physically and psychologically.

© Jennifer Ghormley