Janice Roberts

River Nymphs
ink, coffee wash
12 x 18 in. | $500

Texture has become a hallmark of my work. I frequently pair natural media materials such as coffee, tea, or eggshells with organic shapes derived from nature. The challenge is to create unusual works with traditional techniques that are still quite relatable to viewers.

Teaching art enabled me to pursue both drawing and fabricating jewelry. While distinctly different media, they both share my concept of incorporating texture. My jewelry often includes sterling shot, sliced tubing, or wire soldered on for textural interest and shadow play. Creating my own findings and rivets is a challenge worth the reward. When drawing with ink, creating tiny details is a joy. Conversely, building large or dark forms with densely clustered marks can be rather meditative. Inspiration to incorporate asymmetrical, curvilinear, and fluid characteristics came from Art Nouveau, Georgia O’Keeffe, and regional artists Shatouporn (Toi) Gulig and Karen Gustafson. All taught that nature is rich with subject matter that could border on abstraction.

“River Nymphs”
A requisite stop on summer bicycle outings is studying eddies and the calming flow patterns of the Eau Claire River. While examining several of my photos, I noticed feminine forms emerging from the froth. This piece uses coffee as a wash plus traditional ink to distill those images into figures of aquatic lore.

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