Jade Phillips

20/20 Vision of You
oil paint on canvas
24 x 48 in.

I moved from Denver to Texas in February of 2020 to participate in an artist residency, which I had to forfeit for health, safety, and COVID19-related reasons. I am now in Houston, Texas spending an inordinate amount of time a day with myself. I am jobless. I am used to spending 12 hours a day working (day jobs and creative practice combined). I maintained a manageable routine. Now, my 12-hour day consists of spontaneous spurts of applying for jobs, painting, and domestic tasks. The loss of a regular routine is very real and has truly altered my mental health. I have lost healthy relationships with friends, family, and coworkers.

Through my work, I want to make tangible the way in which we are consistently monitoring our sense of self. This is especially applicable to individuals who have lost their sense of identity due to the COVID19 universal struggle. Sometimes, our urge to see ourselves in a different light is so strong that we physically (or digitally) alter our appearance. I aim to capture this transitory feeling that we all know too well. I welcome the viewer to reconcile this space within the work, and our shared place within it.

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